Our latest Photogrammetry animation for ‘City of Melbourne – Southbank Boulevard Green Space project’

Photogrammetry in action. Animated highlights from our large scale models.

3D Visualisation

We create 3D visuals for extensive landscape scenes and big city environments. When accurate vegetation and large contexts are important, SCENERY can capture your entire context, grow the 3D trees needed for any scene, and create a unique look and feel for every project.


SCENERY offers architectural and landscape photography, including helicopter, fixed wing, drone and ground level. We can capture time lapses, 360 look-around panoramas, video and virtual tours of any scene, using our own state of the art camera equipment and professional photographers. Our photography links directly with our 3D workflow and our unique photogrammetry service.


Our work is supported by our own R&D in photogrammetry, a process which turns photographs into accurate textured 3D models. We can capture entire cityscapes, natural scenes, sites of any scale and even small objects. The models produced are super accurate, brilliantly detailed and perfectly colour balanced.